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Aerodynamics and Calibration

We work in the rigorous definition of air speed at our wind tunnel, which allows us to calibrate and test equipment efficiently.

Air movement is determinant in several industries and services. Whether it’s the wind that drives a wind turbine’s rotor or the ventilation of air inside a building, the anemometers and Pitot tubes that measure air speed must be properly calibrated, in order to ensure the quality of measurement results.

In order to respond to companies that identify this need, we have invested in an Aerodynamics and Calibration Laboratory, duly accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute.

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The area of Aerodynamics and Calibration
  • Calibration of air speed measurement equipment
  • Equipment testing - Verification of equipment performance according to EN ISO 16911-1
  • Equipment testing - verification of anemetoters used as safety equipment
  • Studies, design and tests in aerodynamic and fluid mechanics
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