Accreditation: Building trust for companies and customers

In order to ensure complete confidence in the services provided, the reliability of the various tests and trials performed in our laboratories is ensured not only by INEGI, but also by the...

INEGI and COGEN PORTUGAL organize training program for industrial maintenance professionals - Registration open

INEGI and COGEN Portugal are organizing, on February 13th, the training program “Analysis of Lubricants in Mechanical Transmissions”.

INEGI and EPAL collaborate to give water sector professionals competencies in renewable energy

INEGI is one of the partner entities of the "Advanced Course on Renewable Energy in the Water Sector”, promoted by the EPAL’s Academia das Águas Livres.

INEGI receives delegation from the Federation of Industries of the Brazilian state of Ceará

In order to strengthen relations with the Brazilian industrial market, INEGI hosted today an entourage that includes members of FIEC - Federation of Industries of Ceará, SIMEC - Union of...
Air Indoor Quality

INEGI study identifies measures to mitigate risks associated with the indoor environment of public pools

An INEGI team drew the current picture of the quality of the indoor environment in indoor pools in northern Portugal. Standards are being met, but there are concentrations of pollutants which, in...

INEGI participates in conference on water and energy

INEGI participated in the “Water & Energy Conference”, organized by ADENE, to discuss the water-energy nexus, regarding buildings and industry, and the efficient use of resources.

Electricity kWh are not all the same

Opinion article by José Carlos Matos, director of Wind Energy area at INEGI.
Energy Studies and Forecasting Services

INEGI was in Brazil to foster cooperation in the area of renewable energy

An INEGI delegation travelled to the state of Ceará, Brazil, to establish contacts with institutions and companies in the region, to foster cooperation in the area of renewable energy,...

Infrastructure and warehouses in the e-commerce world: the case of Care to Beauty

The Care to Beauty company, which is dedicated to selling cosmetics, wellness and beauty products online, recent works in partnership with INEGI to design its new facilities and to define...