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New INEGI certification assesses emissions of building materials for the German market

06 - 02 - 2019

INEGI's Indoor Air Quality Laboratory is able to carry out tests aimed at acquiring the EMICODE seal, a classification system developed in Germany, which allows to compare and evaluate the emission characteristics of pavement installation and construction products and, at the same time, encourages the improvement of products.

The recognition, attributed by the German association GEV (Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Construction Products e.V.), allows INEGI to perform the tests on final products and not only in their development phase. "We intend to be a close interlocutor both for Portuguese and Spanish companies, who intend to export to Germany," explains Gabriela Ventura, technical director of INEGI's Indoor Air Quality Laboratory.

EMICODE has become a benchmark of quality internationally. It ensures guidance for building professionals and end consumers to decide which materials offer maximum safety against indoor air pollution and better health protection.

The problem of indoor air quality has become increasingly relevant given its relation to respiratory health problems, the cause of which is often attributed to it. INEGI's Indoor Air Quality Laboratory operates in this field and is one of the first accredited Portuguese laboratories to devote itself to the detailed characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).